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Die groter prentjie

- Afrikaans SINGLE

Produced by:  Werner van Aswegen
(Released date 2015)




Produced by:  Werner van Aswegen
(Released date  Dec2013)

1.   Ek slaan my oe op

2.  Stille nag

Alleluia Cover

3.  White Christmas

4.  Sonneblom uit Betlehem

5.  The first noel

6.  Feliz Navidad

7.  Happy Christmas (war is over)

8.  Little drummer boy

9.  Somerkersfees

10. Lof en aanbidding-medley

  • Kom buig daar in aanbidding
  • My hande hef ek op
  • Ons koning kom

11. Agnus Dei

12. One way

13. Silent night

14. Channel of peace

Bonus Tracks

  • Time to live (acoustic)
  • O holy night


Not another ordinary day (the cappuccino song)


Produced by:  Gavin Wienand
(Released date  Nov2013)



 - Afrikaans SINGLE

Produced by:  Gavin Wienand
(Released date  Oct2013)

Alvain Sing

Born to live

Produced by:  Douw Steyn
(Released date  Aug2011)

1.  Born to Live

2   Hou koers

3.  Marching on

4.  Ek onhou (with Mareli Langeveldt)

5.  Bad Girls

6.  Time to live

7. Dancing with myself

8.  Joy to the world

9.  Die ene net vir my

10.  Ek het jou nodig

11.  Intro: Left in the Dark

12.  Left in the Dark

13.  Lady in black

14.  Hosanna

15.  Born to live (acoustic)

The Heavens Know

Produced by:  Christa Steyn
(Released date  Nov2009)



1.  What have we done to this song?

2.  Crucify

3.  Avant de nous dire adieu

4.  Don’t let it end

5.  The heavens know

6.  Don’t you forget about me

7. Tell me there’s a heaven

8.  Falling angels riding

9.  There for you

10.  Cent mille chansons

11.  I do believe

12.  O holy night




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