Alvain’s philosophy on life

Throughout my life I always had the feeling that there’s more to life in what I’m living.  I’ve searched – and am still busy searching -  to find the answer.  I believe each one of us has a bigger yearning to make this a better place for all, but at the end of the day I know my life has meaning; even if only one person cries his or her heart out the day that I die.

On my way, I’ve met so many amazing people who have some major influences in my life.  A friend with whom I shared all my dreams and fears and always motivated and encouraged me.  A cleaner who showed me to always be proud of who you are and what you do, because somewhere and somehow you are making life better for someone else.  Maybe, even you played an integral part in my amazing journey.

I’ve learned quite a bit and know that I still have many roads to travel and a lot more to learn, but would like to share with you some of the valuable lessons I have learned along my journey so far . . .

There’s a reason why you are here.  Remember we cannot choose the way we die, but we can choose the way we live.  Your life changes when you are in charge, and the most important person you will ever have a relationship with is yourself.  Take control of your life.  Choose to be happy.  Always try to be positive and friendly.  Always be grateful and thankful.  Love yourself and find inner peace.  Stay calm in all situations and always be trustworthy.  Be humble.  You are the only one who can set limits on your potential.   Chase your dreams and aim for the stars.  Dream big.  It’s the way you face life that makes the difference.  Stop fearing so much, most of those fears (if not all of them) will never come true.  Sometimes you need to take risks and a leap of faith.  You cannot sail the open seas by staying in the harbour.  Believe in yourself and expect more in life as you are born to be a winner.  Always do your best and make ‘I can’ your motto.

Be kind to everybody.  Dig for the gold in others, not the dirt.  Give without expecting anything in return.  Help and assist others whenever possible.  Always do good unto others – never stop.  Motivate people and help others reach their potential and dreams.  Never be jealous.  Be careful of what you say, because you will never be able to retract your words.  Forgive and forget.  Love others and say ‘I love you’.  Listen.  So many times people just need someone to hear them.  Always be a true friend.  Cherish friendships as best friends are few and far between.

Always  be willing to learn and be taught.  You are never too old to learn.  Things aren’t always moonlight and roses.  It might appear to be too difficult, but persevere.  Forget about your past and your failures.  Learn from them, find something good in each failed situation and follow a new route.  Never give up hope.  Just because something works for others doesn’t mean it will work for you.  Follow your own path.  Some things you cannot change – accept it.  All of us have our highs and lows.  Stay focused and keep your head high.  Find solutions for your problems and never give up.  Expect that good things will cross your path.  Be original, don’t be a clone and stop imitating others.  Be yourself.  Respect yourself, respect others.  Live with integrity, take responsibility for your actions.  Remember you reap what you sow, and the wheel always turns.

Make the best of each day.  Enjoy each moment and be happy whatever your circumstance.  Time flies and life is short.  Thus live for the present, but plan for the future.  Laugh a lot and laugh loud.  Sleep enough.  Try something new.  Escape city life and find solace in nature.  Get out of your boring routine/rut.  Do something wild; bungee, river raft . . . the list is endless.  Be disciplined, eat healthily, follow a healthy lifestyle, exercise, believe in God.

We are born to live.  Take life the way you go.




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