About Alvain

His voice is his signature – distinctive and immediately recognisable.  An artist who can sing music ranging from Queen to Bach.

As front singer in bands over the years he touched many with his rocking abilities, but it was always his charm and special touch with audiences when performing solo with only piano, violin and percussion.  His ability to interact with the audience as well as his soulful renditions of light classical and pop ballets always had the audience in the palm of his hands.

Alvain was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is part of a very close knit family.  At the age of 12, his voice was discovered and he received a A+ in a national competition.  Unfortunately, he disliked competitions, and decided it will also be his last.  After school he went to Rand Afrikaans Universiteit (now called University of Johannesburg) and studied Bachelor of Commerce in Investment Management and finished his honours degree in the same subject.  While studying he was a member of the Stephan Meyer choir where he often performed as soloist.

After a year in the business world, Alvain decided to travel and London became his new home.  A year later, he returned and took on an Accounting career in the corporate world.  While working he used to perform three to four times a year, either solo or as part of a band, but decided to pursue his corporate career.  He worked his was up the ranks, until he decided in 2008 ‘enough is enough’ and made a conscious choice to follow his dreams.

One of these dreams was to record a CD, and he recorded his first album ‘The Heavens Know’ was recorded and released in 2009.  His second CD ‘Born to Live’ was released in 2012.  This being only the start of his career, there is much, much more to come!



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