Bungee jumping out of my comfort zone (Final)

3.  The Dive

Bungee at Victoria Falls

Bungee at Victoria Falls

As you dive off the platform and enjoy the free fall, you will feel after a few seconds the bungee cord tightening and that’s a good thing for then you know you’ll be pulled back.  (Although a few times I felt like: No, not yet there’s still quite a distance to go!)  There after you bounce up and down a few times, until they pull you up or let you down; and that’s exactly like life goes.  Some days you are on Mount Everest and other times you are at Death Valley.

When you take the plunge and leave your comfort zone, you will experience the same feelings – only more intense.

It is very important not to try to walk in somebody else’s footsteps.  Take an authentic, unpaved path.  You can learn from others but no situation is ever the same.  You need to build your own road.  People will try to discourage you.  Sometimes it will be some of your closest friends and family members.  You will know which comments are valid and which aren’t.   Listen to them, but then erase all the pessimistic advice.  Don’t cut those people out of your life.  It is because they love you and might just wanna warn you as they don’t want to see you get hurt. Family and friends are really important, as they are the ones that will stand firmly behind you.  But especially at this point of time where you are following your dreams, it is really important that you surround yourself, with people who are optimistic, will listen to you and will give you constructive advice.

Your quality of life depends on what you decide.  The people you hang out with and the way you live.  It is also important to realise that any over-indulging; in food, alcohol, drugs, sex, even exercise will affect you negatively.  You need to have a balanced life.  It’s not always easy to find the perfect balance but you need to try.

Friends are very important.  Don’t write them off.  A long the road you will feel insecure and uncomfortable, but you need to persevere.  That’s when your really good friends step forward, the ones you can call at 2am and know they will support you.  Go and have a coffee with them.  Inform them what’s going on and I’m sure that they will urge you on and encourage you. (I’ve been through this and can’t thank them enough!)

It’s also important to give it your 100%.  It does not help if you’ve got a sideline and you only invest half your time on your dream.  I did it and found out that you will never truly succeed until you get focused.

Now that you have taken the biggest risk of your life by following your dream, you will hopefully get more comfortable with taking risks, cause unfortunately that is the road you will now follow for the unforeseen future.  But taking risks, I fortunately see as making the journey more enjoyable.  It might not always be fun, but it will also make you a stronger person.

The last piece of advice I can give you is that by living outside your comfort zone you are actually living “uncomfortable” or in “discomfort”, but by living uncomfortable is in no way seen as negative.  I see it as positive, for now you don’t just live; you learn to live within the moment.  Things are important at this very minute.  You do have goals and longer term plans but you learn to accept that tomorrow is another day.  What is important is the now.  Enjoy it.  Use it to the best of your knowledge.

Life is short.  Live it.  Take life the way you go!

I’ve been “escaping” my comfort zones for the last 5 years, and hopefully will be blessed by being able to follow my heart’s desire and to live in “discomfort” for the years to come… ;)

Born to Live:

I wanna smell the air, after a thunder-storm

I wanna walk barefoot, on a sandy beach

I wanna live my life, like it was meant to be

I need to find a love, to share my dreams

We need to ride the waves, to another shore

For this I know, I gotta take life the way I go


Chorus:                                For I was born to live (3*)


I wanna live my life, one day at a time

I wanna go where no man’s gone before

I wanna love someone, with all my heart and soul

I need to feel some pain; it’s the way we grow

I need to live my dreams, it was meant to be

For this I know for sure, gotta take life the way I go



I wanna see the world, sail the seven seas

I wanna make my way to the highest peak

I wanna live my life, gotta be who I wanna be

I need to give myself, leave Love behind

I need to laugh and dance, share the Gift of life

For this I know (for sure), life is only travelled once




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