Bungee jumping out of my comfort zone (part 2)

2. The Dive


When you dive of a bungee platform, it is one of the most thrilling and exhilarating experiences you can ever experience.  The first time you do it, you are (or I was!) in complete shock for the first few seconds, then it is replaced with an amazing feeling of absolute freedom.  It’s like free falling when you skydive.  That is what it felt like when I left my office for the last time, before diving into an unsure future, but following my dreams!  It’s as if all the stress and anxiety disappeared.  I was free.   I was me.  It was amazing!

Unfortunately, I think that we are brainwashed to be what the world expects us to be.  I sometimes really feel sorry for my mum (and dad while he was still alive).  They always thought I would be the one that will give them the least hassles and yet, here I am today and I still do not follow any of the rules society tries and squeeze us into.  Why do I have to get married and have kids?  Why do I need to work for big corporate companies?  Why do I need to earn loads of cash?  Why…?  Yeah, I also thought at one stage that is what we need to do and thus that’s why we study and start building a career etc.  But, after working 10 years at a corporate company I decided this is not what I was intended to do.  It wasn’t as if things were bad.  I had a good job, salary, social life.  Some people even used to look at me and think I had the perfect life and so many times they came to me for advice, yet little did they know that deep down I was also insecure and not happy at where I was.  (I remember when I left, colleagues thought I had lined up a new job and didn’t want to believe me, when I said I didn’t and I’m just following my heart)

Unfortunately money drives most of us today and although it makes life easier, it might leave us hollow inside.  I believe that living in a comfort zone is like living within a prison where the walls are our self-imposed limitations.

Fortunately, for me, I overcame the biggest hurdle for getting out of your comfort zone – FEAR.

We fear.  We fear what people might think of us.  We fear that we will not be a success.  We fear people will laugh at us when we fall flat on our face and make mistakes.  Thus we are so afraid to take the plunge, that we tend to get stuck in our crappy comport zones and live a life we don’t want.  If you need to wait for that perfect moment where there’s no fear, I’m sorry, but I will have to pee on your battery… That moment will never arrive. You will wait forever and a day and die unhappy.

If you are not happy and are dreaming of a better life you need to forget about your fears. It does not help to sit at the side of a pool and dream about being the perfect swimmer.  You need to dive in.  If you don’t, you will never know what it would have been like.  You need to sweat, struggle, suffer and sometimes even shed a tear, but at least you will follow your heart.  You’ll be happy; and for me that is one of the most important things in life: to be happy at heart! I wanna urge you to do something silly today.  Make it your first exercise to overcome the fear of what people think of you.  Forget about what the world will say.  Make a complete fool of yourself.  I can suggest a few things but the list is endless (just google it):  Run naked through a park (make sure the police do not catch you!).  Laugh out loud.  Skip to the grocery store from your car.  Take your pants off and try to give them to someone.  Fart or burp really loud and walk away as if nothing happened.  Climb into a window display and pose and for the romantic: dance with your beloved right there in the restaurant.  The list is endless.

Do not expect things to be moonlight and roses.  Things will not be easy and just fall into place.  Sometimes you will think that you made the biggest mistake by getting out of your comfort zone, but persevere.  Keep going.  (Get up and try again!)  Do you know that Colonel Saunders was rejected 1009 times and Walt Disney 302 times?  [Ok, I really don’t wanna struggle that much, but still… ;) ]  Things will not always go your way and you need to shrug it off.  Know that your pride will take a knock, but that might also be a good thing as we tend to be way too vain in today’s society!  If you want to be comfortable with no uncertainties and risks you must stay in your comfort zone and accept your life as is.  But if you have the drive within you, you will accept all these risks and uncertainties.  For you, life is a journey and you are going to enjoy the ride.

Remember one important fact: You will find inner peace as you are now following your heart’s desire.  It also reminds me of the saying by Robert James Waller:  “Life is never easy for those who dream” but I want to add to that: “but life would be a nightmare without dreamers”.   Get excited and enthusiastic about your dream.  Close your eyes and envisage it, exactly like you want it to play out.  Now, get up forget about your fears and follow your dream(s)…

Next week: Final: The Bounce



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